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Talking with Nita Kaja of SYTË about New Single “Yours For Life” and Upcoming EP ‘You Know That, Right?’



Yours For Life

“Yours For Life,” the new single from SYTË, blends warm, sensual vocals riding over rich, synth-driven production, creating a danceable, shimmering earworm of a song.

Lifted from their forthcoming EP, You Know That, Right?, “Yours For Life” reveals the chemistry between singer Nita Kaja’s vocals and the production of Drin Tashi. SYTË, which means ‘eyes’ in Albanian, write and produce their own music, buoyed by love for their craft and each other.

Nita and Drin met in Kosovo, where Nita spent her summer breaks. When she returned to New York, the couple continued their long-distance relationship, writing the bulk of their debut EP. Nita then relocated to Kosovo altogether, where SYTË began developing their identity and forging their musical path.

Now based in New York, SYTË has embedded its sound in the city’s music scene. With a full live band, their electrifying performances have landed them festival main stage slots such as Sunny Hill Festival, Pop-Kultur, and Manifesta Biennale, and club slots such as Elsewhere Zone 1, The Sultan Room, Pianos, and Our Wicked Lady.

CelebMix spoke with Nita Kaja about SYTË’s singular alt-R&B/art-pop sound and the inspiration for “Yours For Life.”

What three things can’t you live without?

  1. A claw clip or hair tie because I just cannot stand my hair in my face. I’ll do my hair and then half an hour later I’m like “Yeah… let me get this out of the way.”
  2. Apple cider vinegar. It stays stocked in my house because I use it for everything, internally and externally. It’s literally an elixir.
  3. A slightly warm-toned, reddish/copper lipstick. If I’m not wearing any makeup, but I have somewhere to be last minute when I’m already out of the house, that shit is going on my eyelids, cheeks, and lips and I’m calling that a look. And it will be perceived as such. I love multi-functional instruments.

What inspired your new single, “Yours for Life?”

Despite being outspoken about pretty much everything, I’m quite shy when it comes to matters of sex and intimacy, so I stepped out of my comfort zone to talk my shit about what I genuinely enjoy in bed.  I feel like a lot of young women (including my younger self) pretend to be so down for anything and just swallow unenjoyable experiences because it’s almost taboo for us to be honest about what we really like or want. And for what, to be deemed desirable enough to be called back for a second lame go? Anyway, I’m not talking about how hot or life-changing of a fuck I am because I’m not here to sell you on my sexual capabilities. I’m just going to take up the space that I’m entitled to and tell my man what I want because I deserve equally as much pleasure as he does. And it really is that simple!

Walk us through your mindset as you entered the studio to record the song. 

Well, my mindset was to give sexy bitch, but that was not what I delivered in the early demos we recently stumbled upon. It took, like, three years for this song to be developed and released and I’m so glad we took our time. Those demos will never see the light of day, I can tell you that much. Anyway, I think I nailed the vibe in this final version, what do you think?

“Yours for Life” is from your upcoming EP, You Know That, Right? What can you share about the EP?

Not to get astrological but I just got out of my 12th house year (being 23 years old), and that was the end of a 12-year cycle that I kind of had to review and relive in order to move onto this next phase in my life. ‘YKTR?’ explores these different aspects of my life: our relationship, our journey in following our musical dreams, and my emotional struggles that were really highlighted this past year. New cycle, new me, and new, elevated sound!

Where are you both from?

I was born and raised in New York! But I am ethnically Albanian from Kosovo. Drin was born and raised there. Barely anyone ever knows what Kosovo is and we always have to explain it’s where Dua Lipa is from. Then it clicks for people. So thanks for putting us on the map, Queen!!

Did your hometown(s) impact your sound?

I don’t really think so. Of course, my environment inspires my writing and the themes I explore but I don’t really think it impacts our sound per se. I will say one thing, though. There’s a song on the EP (unreleased, coming soon), that, when Drin first presented it, it reminded me a lot of this Six Flags commercial from my childhood that had orcas swimming through the sky. Nostalgia for cul-de-sac-y American middle-classness in the early 2000s set the tone for my imagination on that one.

Which singers/musicians influenced your sound?

I grew up primarily listening to Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, and Julian Casablancas/The Strokes. I just love a Virgo artist, I guess. I developed my singing abilities by just listening to Beyonce and Amy especially, trying to mimic their runs and stretching my baby voice out to try and reach both ends of their ranges. I always wanted to have a rugged, rock voice like Julian’s but that’s just not me, unfortunately. He was a huge lyrical inspiration for me, though.

What inspires your writing? Do you draw inspiration from poems, music, TV, or other media?

I don’t know how to say this without sounding like the most pretentious person on this planet, but I am… deep breath… an open channel that allows all kinds of information serving as inspiration to flow through myself. Yeah, big shout out to my 11th-grade English teacher for introducing me to the concept of Romanticism and all the beautiful poetry that has informed my writing style today.

What can you share about your writing process?

Musically, I’ve learned that I’m not much of a creative initiator, I’m more of an editor. Take these terms loosely because I don’t really know how else to explain it hahaha. What I’m trying to say is, I need a point of sonic reference to work with or work around. It’s difficult for me to envision a song without hearing at least a semblance of a draft first, and that can simply be a bassline or a drum loop–just the most bare-bones demo, really. And then, the funny thing is, I’ll tear it down to ground zero if I don’t like it and come up with something completely different and unrelated, rendering that draft almost unnecessary. I just need that tiny reference to spark my decision-making. But it’s a good thing that Drin is such a great musical writer and producer because I’m almost always immediately in love with what he’s made, only mixing my little fingers in for some fine-tuning. Lyrically, I just have a reservoir of quotes and lines and poems (and sometimes even developing song structures) that I accumulate in my day-to-day. When sitting down and writing a song, I’ll pluck something out of the notebook or notes app and piece together a little quilt of words accompanied by Drin’s electric, ever-evolving production that I just love so much.

Which artists in your opinion are killing it right now?

Beyonce, as always, because she’s… Beyonce. Her talent, work ethic, discipline, commitment to perpetual artistic growth, and humble nature have solidified her as the gold standard forever. Renaissance blew my mind; it was the most insane show I’ve ever been to. Can you tell that I love her so much?

Jungle is also having a well-deserved moment right now. Drin and I have been fans for a while and I’m listening to “Back on 74” as I type these answers out. The choreo in their videos is top tier, not to mention how rich their production and vocals are. Very sexy music. We can’t wait to see them live soon, heart eyes emoji!!!!!

How do you define success?

So this just occurred to me last night as I was scrolling through Selena Gomez’s IG.  She posted a picture of herself getting her glam, or something, done, holding an iced coffee. And something deep in my spirit yearned for that. Just that particular moment of being up, probably early as hell, having people tend to your appearance on one of your many important days, and having a delicious, iced coffee to sip on. I will be posting a picture of myself doing the same thing when I get there. That’s when you’ll know I’ve made it, okay?

What can your fans look forward to over the next six months? Music videos? Live gigs? New material?

EP release on November 3rd, EP release show at Baby’s All Right on November 6th, and other stuff we’ll be announcing along the way.

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Mark Anthony is the author of The Law of the Jungle, the first book in the Jungle Law series. He has an English degree from Brooklyn College &completed an MS in communications from Boston University.

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Justin Timberlake Might SUE Britney Spears: I’ll Fix My Reputation!



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It seems that Justin Timberlake is so unhappy right now that he would hire an expensive legal team to help him get his reputation back on track.

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Here, Brandi Mallory grinned at her own camera for a picture she uploaded to the internet. Use Instagram

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A few hours later, the man apparently realized the car was still there and the woman inside “did not look alert, conscious or breathing,” which alarmed him so much that he called 911.

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40-year-old Brandi Mallory passed away at an extremely young age. On Facebook

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In 2014, Mallory participated in Season 4 of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss.

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To everyone who knew and loved Brandi Mallory, our condolences are extended. Use Instagram

Kim Williams Maxile, a competitor on Extreme Weight Loss season 5, honored Mallory a few days earlier with an emotional Instagram post.

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Interview: Never2Late Opens Up About Music and New Single “Love Is Wise”




It would surprise most that SteveB, a guitarist and songwriter from Yorkshire, UK, hasn’t made music and his band Never2Late his full-time career from the beginning. That’s because his unique blend of classic rock and blues is so effortless and natural. Actually, he is an orthopedic surgeon who is semi-retired.

It does make some sense when you think about it: playing the blues guitar would probably be a great way for a surgeon to cross-train since both demand extreme manual precision. That being said, it’s evident that SteveB naturally draws inspiration and inventiveness from blues rock.

“Love Is Wise,” the most recent single from Never2Late, is a cover of the track from their debut album, 2015’s It’s Hell In Happy Town.

CelebMix spoke with Never2Late to learn about his musical beginnings and the source of inspiration for his song “Love Is Wise.”

Let’s take a quick look at gear. Which sort of pedals, amplifiers, and guitar are you using?

I’m using a Kemper stage profiler to multitrack my Knaggs Kenai T/S Eric Steckel trademark guitar for the single. For my vocals, I prefer to utilize a TC Helicon Voicelive Play.

In the studio, do you employ any unique recording techniques?

Not exactly; I always perform to a click track since it makes the whole thing easier to put together. It’s very rare to find someone who can play precisely on time over a click track, according to my recording engineer! (Or maybe he’s just trying to make me feel good!)

I used to be in a band, but like many others, my dreams of being a rock star were severely thwarted by job, marriage, kids, more work, divorce, work, remarriage, more kids, and more work. Following my semi-retirement, I visited Glastonbury and was motivated to climb up into the attic, get my guitar, and form a band. We were originally a covers band, but after we performed at an event where we had to play four original songs, I decided to give it a go and ended up falling in love with writing songs.

Far too numerous to list and rather varied! I had the good fortune to grow up in an era that produced many amazing songwriters, including Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Roy Harper, and Al Stewart. Anyone who writes songs that are not formulaic and convey something about life and the human condition, such as The Beatles, XTC, Tom Waits, Cage the Elephant, Kevin Ayers, and The National, is an inspiration. Guitarists: Frank Zappa, Eric Steckel, John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, and JJ Cale. For Thin Lizzy, Led Zepplin, and sheer energy!

Versatile! Everything from somber acoustic tunes like “Requiem for a Friend” or “I Still Talk to You Everyday,” which were both written during a lockdown, to bluesy social commentary pieces like “Sometimes I’m Ashamed to be a Man” or “Motel 22,” which highlight the situation of Silicon Valley’s homeless population, to more upbeat songs like the hit single “Love Is Wise,” “Tempted,” or “Filthy Lucre.” Even the strange love ballad “You’re My Rock” is devoted to my patient spouse!

I make an effort to steer clear of the clichés of the boy meets girl, falls in love, girl dumps him, and boy is broken-hearted variety. George Harrison once stated, “I could write hundreds of songs like ‘Hey baby what you gonna do,’ but I don’t want to.” I agree with him on that point. I would prefer for my words to have some sort of significance if I were to speak. Some worth, so that it’s not just some stupid tune that made some royalties in 20 years.

Every day, I play the guitar. I start with some basic chords and eventually stray into new areas. Occasionally, I combine two things at random and a song emerges. After that, it gets refined until I am rather satisfied with the outcome. I don’t mean to sound like an expert, but creating songs is similar to giving birth. Sometimes the work is simple, and other times it takes a long time and is challenging. Sometimes, the words and music just come out of nowhere—”Blinking in the Light” was written in 30 minutes from beginning to end. It’s like an emergency caesarian section.

I frequently hear the songs in my head, and if they seem to require something that I am not able to give, I have employed Fiverr (the saxophone on “Broken Promises,” the female voice on “Refugees”). At a singer-songwriter concert I was playing at, I also got to know Joana Carvalhas, a very gifted violinist who played the violin on the songs “Refugees” and “Requiem for a Friend.” As a total Luddite, I still find it thrilling to send a WAV file across the world and receive contributions back in a few days.

The National is fantastic. Proficient musicians with an amazing song catalog; I saw them live ten days ago. Right now, I’m really into Eric Steckel’s guitar playing.

For me, success has already been achieved because I have a beautiful wife, four amazing sons who have grown up to be generous and loving young men, and a very fulfilling work in a completely other industry! I compose music because I enjoy it. I’ll be a happy and satisfied man if someone enjoys the song, can relate to the lyrics, and remembers it the following day!

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