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bitchy | Tominey: The Sussexes were cut off because the Windsors were ‘rather fed up’



bitchy | Tominey: The Sussexes were cut off because the Windsors were ‘rather fed up’

Following their respective Kenya tours, Camilla Tominey and Roya Nikkhah were given the same briefing by Buckingham Palace, which instructed both women to embellish their tales as they saw fit. For Nikkhah of the Times, it signified that “Charles is a diplomatic heavyweight even though he can’t show a modicum of intrafamily diplomacy, and also Prince Harry isn’t coming to his father’s birthday party, which is good because the rest of the family hates Harry.” “The King turns 75 – with just one son by his side,” is how Tominey puts it. The first half of the article is identical to the Times piece (Harry skips the portion about the king’s birthday), while the second half focuses on Tominey and Buckingham Palace’s attempts to rectify the Byline Times cover story about Charles taking away the Sussexes’ money and protection in an attempt to “bring them to heel.” Highlights from Tominey’s Telegraph article include:

The birthday of the king. One royal insider remarked, “This is not Netflix, you know!” while insisting that any celebrations would be “minimal” and “family oriented.” Another said, “His Majesty is not one to fuss over such things as it is, but he is [also] acutely conscious that there have been many set-piece royal events of late, and he is firm in thinking that there will be minimal events to mark his birthday.” There have been “enough fly-pasts and marches,” according to the general consensus behind palace walls.

No birthday wishes were sent to Harry: The Sussexes were unable to attend the first anniversary of the late Queen’s death at Balmoral in September, and while Harry paid his respects at Windsor Castle, he was forced to stay in a nearby hotel due to his failure to give enough notice that he would be visiting the Berkshire royal residence. Then, a few days later, at the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf, Germany, he turned 39 and received no formal royal recognition for his birthday. As far as the Telegraph is aware, neither the Duke’s father nor brother sent him any personal congratulations.

Incommunicado: A reliable source claims that “Prince Harry and the King’s communication is still quite inadequate.” They hardly ever speak at all. The fact that King has never been a particularly simple man to define as a “workaholic” may not help either. In contrast to the majority of royal families, who favor texting and WhatsApping, senior royals like Charles III are a little more “old school,” preferring to converse via phone or letter. Usually, he would arrange a Sunday call with both of his boys. However, he still speaks with William once a week, but he doesn’t spend a lot of time with his other “darling boy.”

“If there’s one thing that winds that man up, then it’s attacks on his wife,” the sources will say, keeping a straight face, without realizing that Harry feels the same way about his wife. He defends Camilla fiercely, according to one source. William is also furious with Harry for portraying his sister-in-law Kate in Spare as emotionless and icy. “They both understand that by bringing their wives into this establishment, they have had to make significant sacrifices. It’s one thing to have bad headlines, but they don’t expect their own family members to take a hard stance.

The Royal family will also be concerned about the impending release of Endgame, the second book written by Omid Scobie. Scobie is the author of Finding Freedom, a 2020 hagiography of the Sussexes, to which Meghan has acknowledged she contributed through a friend. Inconveniently, the pair seems to have moved away from Mr. Scobie in recent months, but his most recent book claims to “take an accurate look at whether” the royal family is still the epitome of “civility and decorum” and to expose instances the family should be “ashamed of.” “As Omid doesn’t actually have any royal contacts beyond Team Sussex, it’s likely to be a rather one-sided affair,” a palace insider noted.

The Byline Times cover story as seen on ITV: Despite events taking place in the Middle East, the ITV News package, which was heavily featured on the News at Ten on October 26, reiterated the couple’s claim that their annual allowance was halted when they refused to have the name of a palace aide removed from court documents. They claimed that this aide had leaked a story about their move to Canada to The Sun newspaper on January 7, 2020. “We understand the leaking of Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave for Canada led to a complete collapse of trust,” ITV News said, adding that it had “learnt of an ultimatum, issued by the royal household that may have precipitated the final rift between Charles and Harry and Meghan.” However, the couple announced their royal departure on a sleek new Archewell website two days after the purported “leak,” with well-prepared content that demonstrated extensive advance thought had gone into the relocation.

The Sussexes were cut off because, even after they made their Megxit declaration public, Harry and Meghan continued to get £700,000 annually from the King. According to The Telegraph, the late Queen was paying their rent for Frogmore Cottage, their previous Windsor residence, where the Sovereign Grant was used by taxpayers to pay for £2.4 million in improvements. According to royal insiders, they were cut off financially for a number of reasons. The first was that they had stated that they wanted to become “financially independent” and that they would not be doing any public engagements after their intended departure to the US in March 2020. The late Queen and the King allegedly were “quite irritated” when it became apparent behind the scenes that the pair was engaging in business dealings as they “seemed to want to have their cake and eat it.”

This is illogical: Harry’s inheritance from his mother and the Queen Mother is believed to have exceeded £10 million, and Meghan reportedly boasted of having “several million” in the bank because of her involvement in the US legal drama Suits. Both were already quite affluent on their own. It was understandable that the royals and their staff were taken aback by the multimillionaires’ constant complaints about having to pay for their own protection, which was paid for by the public coffers when they were working royals. So it should come as no surprise that royal relations are still so tense. On November 14, if the King could grant himself one birthday wish, it would surely be for the Sussexes and their allies to keep quiet for an extended length of time.

(Source: The Telegraph)

The palace’s two-week radio quiet over the Byline Times report and its recent authorization of Tominey, of all people, to attempt to manipulate the facts and timeline of the Sussexit are rather peculiar. The woman is an expert at lying; she tells falsehoods all the time, including ones concerning the color of Prince George’s eyes. Her approach of “throwing bullsh-t at the wall to see what sticks” sounds rather strained, though. In any case, Tominey is giving a sneak peek at the plot of multiple royal tales simultaneously. The monarch cannot be held accountable for being a dogshit father and never talking to his son. The palace intends to hold the Sussexes responsible for Omid Scobie’s Endgame; the palace holds Harry responsible for their financial and emotional mistreatment.

Images sourced from Backgrid and Instar.

London, UK -20180619-Royals Attending Ascot Racecourse’s Royal Ascot Day – USA Rights Only

-PHOTO by: PA Images/ -37087480.jpg -Pictured: Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Meghan Duchess of Sussex, and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall

This image is rights-managed and editorial. For information on licensing fees and rights, please contact Instar Images LLC at [email protected] or by phone at +1 212 414 0207. It is prohibited to post this picture in any manner that could be interpreted as being obscene, pornographic, libelous, or defamatory. Should you require any clarification before publishing or using, please contact our sales department. Unauthorized use of this content may result in legal action being taken by Instar Images LLC. Should you violate our copyright or intellectual property rights, you could be held accountable for any losses, profits you make from using this information without authorization, damages, and, in certain cases, the cost of collection and/or any statutory damages that are granted.

The Royal Family Attends the Christmas Day Morning Service at St. Mary Magdalene Church, London, UK, 2018-12-25. All rights reserved.

-PHOTO by: PA Images/ -40364809.JPG -Pictured: Prince Harry, Meghan Duchess of Sussex, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Charles

This image is rights-managed and editorial. For information on licensing fees and rights, please contact Instar Images LLC at [email protected] or by phone at +1 212 414 0207. It is prohibited to post this picture in any manner that could be interpreted as being obscene, pornographic, libelous, or defamatory. Should you require any clarification before publishing or using, please contact our sales department. Unauthorized use of this content may result in legal action being taken by Instar Images LLC. Should you violate our copyright or intellectual property rights, you could be held accountable for any losses, profits you make from using this information without authorization, damages, and, in certain cases, the cost of collection and/or any statutory damages that are granted.

* Windsor, United Kingdom – BGUK_1763809 – ** RIGHTS: ONLY UNITED STATES, BRAZIL, AND CANADA At Windsor Castle in Windsor, Berkshire, UK, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, participate in a roundtable conversation on gender equality organized by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT) and One Young World.

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Justin Timberlake Might SUE Britney Spears: I’ll Fix My Reputation!



Justin Timberlake at the Oscars

It seems that Justin Timberlake is so unhappy right now that he would hire an expensive legal team to help him get his reputation back on track.

Many think Justin disgusting in light of everything that Britney Spears’ biography revealed about him.

His reputation might never get back due to all of the things she confirmed and the additional facts.

According to a startling new claim, he’s so upset about it that he’s thinking of pursuing extreme legal action. Ouch!

On February 26, 2017, Justin Timberlake is present at the Hollywood & Highland Center for the 89th Annual Academy Awards. (Image courtesy of Frazer Harrison and Getty Images)(

According to a RadarOnline article, Justin Timberlake is thinking of filing a lawsuit against Britney Spears.

Unbelievably, Justin has received a lot of support from the general population over the years.

His erstwhile supporters have now abandoned him. Other famous people have also expressed their disdain at what he did to Britney.

The memoir released by Britney Spears in October 2023 is titled The Woman In Me. (Photo courtesy of Simon & Schuster)

The story claims that his original intention was to “ride” out the controversy like a wave.

When someone finds oneself in a scandal and is unable to confront the misbehavior immediately, that is frequently the wisest course of action.

This isn’t about anything Justin is doing wrong today; he can’t undo the past. Usually, the wisest course of action would be to say nothing and avoid making public appearances. (Well, after a sincere confession in which he begs for unmerited pardon in public.)

In 2002, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake attended the NBA All-Star Game held at the First Union Center in Philadelphia. (Image Source: Getty)

On the other hand, the report indicates that the difficulty is increasing.

October 24 was just a couple weeks ago when Britney’s book was released.

However, Justin is apparently considering alternative choices because he is feeling so “miserable” over the information that has been revealed about him.

At the Universal Pictures and Focus Features presentation during CinemaCon, the official conference of the National Association of Theatre Owners, which takes place at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on April 26, 2023, Justin Timberlake makes an onstage speech in support of the upcoming movie “Trolls Band Together.” (Image courtesy of Getty Images/Ethan Miller)

After that, Justin has encountered trolling in a way that has never happened to him before.

Numerous messages have even been addressed to his wife, Jessica Biel.

Hers are toned differently. People want Britney to know she can leave Justin after witnessing how he handled his former partner, forcing her to get an abortion, and using her to further his own career.

On February 11, 2002, Britney Spears and her boyfriend Justin Timberlake arrive at the Mann Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for the film premiere of “Crossroads.” (Getty Images/Kevin Winter)

It’s all becoming really irritating to him. And not just any old fans either.

Many well-known individuals have stopped following Justin on social media, including some who are much more well-known than he is, such as Madonna.

It seems like he is thinking about suing her. He may prevent her from sharing more with the correct courtroom shopping (occasionally, whiners who are too litigious try cases in the UK, where libel rules are rather backwards).

On November 4, 2017, Britney Spears gave a speech at the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Britney Spears Campus grand opening. (Image Credit: Getty Images/Gabe Ginsberg)(

If JT is truly thinking about it, perhaps he ought to think twice before acting on it.

Famous and evil men have been known to successfully defend their ex-partners in court. Occasionally, their expensive public relations campaigns deceive both the jury and the general public.

However, over time, Justin cannot and does not want his company to be known as “the guy who sued Britney.” He ought to have treated her better if he didn’t want her to talk negatively about him.

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Brandi Mallory Found Dead in Chipolte Parking Lot



Brandi Mallory on Instagram

The former Extreme Weight Loss participant passed away in the Georgian village of Stone Mountain on November 9, as was previously reported.

When this news first broke, no cause of death was given; as of right now, we don’t know one.

Here, Brandi Mallory grinned at her own camera for a picture she uploaded to the internet. Use Instagram

But according to security footage from the Atlanta Police Department, Mallory was last seen on November 8 at 5:53 p.m. when she drove to a nearby Chipotle.

She went into the well-established brought her meal back to her car. but did not go.

According to the official documents, the proprietor of a nearby deli reported to authorities that the following morning, he saw a lone vehicle in the parking lot, and that a woman looked to be sleeping inside.

A few hours later, the man apparently realized the car was still there and the woman inside “did not look alert, conscious or breathing,” which alarmed him so much that he called 911.

Naturally, Mallory was eventually shown to be this woman.

40-year-old Brandi Mallory passed away at an extremely young age. On Facebook

Mallory’s cause of death remains under investigation, according to police, who also stated that there were no indications of foul play.

In 2014, Mallory participated in Season 4 of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss.

In the years since this performance, she has continued to grow her social media following by sharing her love of dancing and beauty advice.

On November 12, the late star’s family and friends held a candlelight vigil in her honor. On Sunday, November 19, 2023, in Lithonia, Georgia, there will be a memorial service.

To everyone who knew and loved Brandi Mallory, our condolences are extended. Use Instagram

Kim Williams Maxile, a competitor on Extreme Weight Loss season 5, honored Mallory a few days earlier with an emotional Instagram post.

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Interview: Never2Late Opens Up About Music and New Single “Love Is Wise”




It would surprise most that SteveB, a guitarist and songwriter from Yorkshire, UK, hasn’t made music and his band Never2Late his full-time career from the beginning. That’s because his unique blend of classic rock and blues is so effortless and natural. Actually, he is an orthopedic surgeon who is semi-retired.

It does make some sense when you think about it: playing the blues guitar would probably be a great way for a surgeon to cross-train since both demand extreme manual precision. That being said, it’s evident that SteveB naturally draws inspiration and inventiveness from blues rock.

“Love Is Wise,” the most recent single from Never2Late, is a cover of the track from their debut album, 2015’s It’s Hell In Happy Town.

CelebMix spoke with Never2Late to learn about his musical beginnings and the source of inspiration for his song “Love Is Wise.”

Let’s take a quick look at gear. Which sort of pedals, amplifiers, and guitar are you using?

I’m using a Kemper stage profiler to multitrack my Knaggs Kenai T/S Eric Steckel trademark guitar for the single. For my vocals, I prefer to utilize a TC Helicon Voicelive Play.

In the studio, do you employ any unique recording techniques?

Not exactly; I always perform to a click track since it makes the whole thing easier to put together. It’s very rare to find someone who can play precisely on time over a click track, according to my recording engineer! (Or maybe he’s just trying to make me feel good!)

I used to be in a band, but like many others, my dreams of being a rock star were severely thwarted by job, marriage, kids, more work, divorce, work, remarriage, more kids, and more work. Following my semi-retirement, I visited Glastonbury and was motivated to climb up into the attic, get my guitar, and form a band. We were originally a covers band, but after we performed at an event where we had to play four original songs, I decided to give it a go and ended up falling in love with writing songs.

Far too numerous to list and rather varied! I had the good fortune to grow up in an era that produced many amazing songwriters, including Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Roy Harper, and Al Stewart. Anyone who writes songs that are not formulaic and convey something about life and the human condition, such as The Beatles, XTC, Tom Waits, Cage the Elephant, Kevin Ayers, and The National, is an inspiration. Guitarists: Frank Zappa, Eric Steckel, John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, and JJ Cale. For Thin Lizzy, Led Zepplin, and sheer energy!

Versatile! Everything from somber acoustic tunes like “Requiem for a Friend” or “I Still Talk to You Everyday,” which were both written during a lockdown, to bluesy social commentary pieces like “Sometimes I’m Ashamed to be a Man” or “Motel 22,” which highlight the situation of Silicon Valley’s homeless population, to more upbeat songs like the hit single “Love Is Wise,” “Tempted,” or “Filthy Lucre.” Even the strange love ballad “You’re My Rock” is devoted to my patient spouse!

I make an effort to steer clear of the clichés of the boy meets girl, falls in love, girl dumps him, and boy is broken-hearted variety. George Harrison once stated, “I could write hundreds of songs like ‘Hey baby what you gonna do,’ but I don’t want to.” I agree with him on that point. I would prefer for my words to have some sort of significance if I were to speak. Some worth, so that it’s not just some stupid tune that made some royalties in 20 years.

Every day, I play the guitar. I start with some basic chords and eventually stray into new areas. Occasionally, I combine two things at random and a song emerges. After that, it gets refined until I am rather satisfied with the outcome. I don’t mean to sound like an expert, but creating songs is similar to giving birth. Sometimes the work is simple, and other times it takes a long time and is challenging. Sometimes, the words and music just come out of nowhere—”Blinking in the Light” was written in 30 minutes from beginning to end. It’s like an emergency caesarian section.

I frequently hear the songs in my head, and if they seem to require something that I am not able to give, I have employed Fiverr (the saxophone on “Broken Promises,” the female voice on “Refugees”). At a singer-songwriter concert I was playing at, I also got to know Joana Carvalhas, a very gifted violinist who played the violin on the songs “Refugees” and “Requiem for a Friend.” As a total Luddite, I still find it thrilling to send a WAV file across the world and receive contributions back in a few days.

The National is fantastic. Proficient musicians with an amazing song catalog; I saw them live ten days ago. Right now, I’m really into Eric Steckel’s guitar playing.

For me, success has already been achieved because I have a beautiful wife, four amazing sons who have grown up to be generous and loving young men, and a very fulfilling work in a completely other industry! I compose music because I enjoy it. I’ll be a happy and satisfied man if someone enjoys the song, can relate to the lyrics, and remembers it the following day!

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