bitchy | Princess Kate made a surprise appearance at the Children in Need telethon

bitchy | Princess Kate made a surprise appearance at the Children in Need telethon

It would be so simple for the Princess of Wales to get involved with a few major children’s charities and devote her time to generating money and increasing awareness for them, which is one of my main grievances with her Early Years busywork. Kate has squandered a great deal of time, money, and energy on a five-year “awareness raising campaign” that essentially amounts to “the early years are important” instead of taking any such action. The palace’s insistence that Kate is somehow making history there by undertaking innovative work makes the dearth of substance even more apparent. Nevertheless, someone eventually pointed out to Kate that she need to try to assist some children eventually, so here you go:

On Friday, Kate Middleton made a surprise appearance on television! The 41-year-old Princess of Wales surprised everyone by showing up on BBC to kick off their yearly Children in Need telethon. Over the course of its 1980 launch, the show has helped underprivileged young people in the UK by raising over £1 billion.

Princess Kate said she was “delighted” to be asked to start the celebrations, looking directly into the camera.

“Tonight’s focus is on enabling, advocating for, and supporting every child to reach their full potential—a critical step toward their long-term well-being and happiness,” the speaker stated. The connections, environments, and experiences we have in our early years set the stage for the rest of our life. However, regrettably, we are aware that early life stressors and traumas can be harmful to a great number of individuals, and that recovery can take a long time.

“Therefore, it is crucial that we nurture every childhood, which is why the kinds of projects supported by Children in Need are so important,” the mother of three went on. In these crucial, formative years, they assist the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society in feeling safe, loved, and secure so that they can enjoy their childhoods now and go on to fulfill their potential and prosper in the world later on.

“I hope you enjoy the show this evening and I wish everyone who is participating in challenges and the amazing fundraising effort the best of luck,” she said.

The Children in Need telethon is a great fit for the Princess of Wales’ important early childhood work, even though her attendance was unexpected.

You say it’s a yearly broadcast? A claymation video that raises awareness, but not as much as a fundraising for underprivileged youth? What magic is this? I won’t fault Kate for doing this, but I will fault her for doing it for a telethon fundraising that has been going on since 1980 for the first time this year! I’ll also take issue with her blouse. Although Kate isn’t to blame for the insanely popular growth of this blouse style in recent years, her attempts to validate the business-casual pirate appearance aren’t helping.

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